Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Being in UT Lead Program I have learn so much. The most important thing that I believe I have learn was the lack of communication will get you in a hole. Communication is important for relationships: personal or professional. If you gain good communication skills you will be able to make it through college much easier, not saying that it still will not be a struggle. Another thing UT Lead has taught me was the ability to adapt to others. Everyone is not the same and stereotyping should be beating out of our minds. UT is about diversity and the Lead program sets an example for that. And the fact that I am really bonding with a lot of students in this program.
UT Lead Program has been one great experience for me before I officially attend the University in the fall of 2010. Since I have been here I have enjoyed every moment. We, Lead students, is a group that volunteers, so we did last weekend, at TRIBE ONE. We work so hard outside and inside for the Freedom School. I was very proud. I have enjoyed everything, just the fact that we are together and enjoying ourselves, while learning.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services

Monday and Tuesday I went to the Dunford building for Career Services. My experience there was, i must say, interesting because i realize that I have a lot of likes. I enjoy to do more than just one thing and I learn that liking too much is too much and liking a couple of things is okay. If you like more than one thing but less then about four things than you can find a major from what you are interested in. I dislike my results because it told me I should be a bookkeeper or a professional nurse. This really put me down because of what I really want to be. a Crime Scene Investigator. The good thing about my results was that my top topic was INVESTIGATOR, and that is apart of being a CSI. So its not to bad, I just ignored the bookkeeper and the nurse results. I feel that the Career Service meeting/program was helpful, for the most part. I would recommend someone who is UNDECIDED of a major to attend one of the Career Service meeting.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Stands Out About MY College

UTK is all I really have to say. UTK is the one school that has the MOST school spirit!! Everyone here supports their team and school....GO VOLS! Anywho another thing that stands out about UTK is of course the color ORANGE!! Everyone wears orange, and its the bright orange. This all goes back to the spirit everyone has about Tennessee. UTK is on a hill. When everyone hear about the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the first thing that comes to mind is HILLS!!!! UTK has plenty of hills but there is one that stands out and they call it, THE This hill consist of 96 steps I believe. And I can say i have walk up and down the steps. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Since I'm at UTK i must say i HAVE to learn the ROCKY TOP song. I know the chorus but I have a long way to go. I'm excited. But the school spirit, the hill, rocky top, and the color are the 4 thing i honestly think stand out about UTK.