Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services

Monday and Tuesday I went to the Dunford building for Career Services. My experience there was, i must say, interesting because i realize that I have a lot of likes. I enjoy to do more than just one thing and I learn that liking too much is too much and liking a couple of things is okay. If you like more than one thing but less then about four things than you can find a major from what you are interested in. I dislike my results because it told me I should be a bookkeeper or a professional nurse. This really put me down because of what I really want to be. a Crime Scene Investigator. The good thing about my results was that my top topic was INVESTIGATOR, and that is apart of being a CSI. So its not to bad, I just ignored the bookkeeper and the nurse results. I feel that the Career Service meeting/program was helpful, for the most part. I would recommend someone who is UNDECIDED of a major to attend one of the Career Service meeting.

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  1. Regardless of what the Career Services results say, you can and should be whatever you want to be! Who the heck wants to be a bookkeeper anyways?! Lol!

    I think being a CSI would be super cool! I absolutely love all the TV shows, although the Las Vegas series is my favorite. Make sure you do lots of research on your field to determine if this is really the career for you--if you have not already. I know that being a CSI looks glamorous and fun on television, but there are also a lot of other aspects to the job that may not be represented in the shows.

    What made you want to become a CSI, anyways, I am curious?