Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Being in UT Lead Program I have learn so much. The most important thing that I believe I have learn was the lack of communication will get you in a hole. Communication is important for relationships: personal or professional. If you gain good communication skills you will be able to make it through college much easier, not saying that it still will not be a struggle. Another thing UT Lead has taught me was the ability to adapt to others. Everyone is not the same and stereotyping should be beating out of our minds. UT is about diversity and the Lead program sets an example for that. And the fact that I am really bonding with a lot of students in this program.
UT Lead Program has been one great experience for me before I officially attend the University in the fall of 2010. Since I have been here I have enjoyed every moment. We, Lead students, is a group that volunteers, so we did last weekend, at TRIBE ONE. We work so hard outside and inside for the Freedom School. I was very proud. I have enjoyed everything, just the fact that we are together and enjoying ourselves, while learning.

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  1. You are so right that everyone is not the same and that stereotyping can be a such a negative thing to do. Here at UT will you meet and interact with lots of people, students, and faculty that are going to be so different from you, much like the real world. These experiences are going to come in handy when you begin working (as a CSI, maybe) or whatever career you take on.

    I was also SO proud of you all for working so hard to help with TRIBE ONE and the Freedom Schools program. I know the Dr. Stephanie Hill and all the other Tribe One staff are very appreciative of your efforts!